Computer Glitch

Blarg… You may have noticed that the tickety blog site was down this week. If you did, that means you’re reading.. Hooray!! Somehow, the site was literally deleted from my host somehow. Whether it is apparent or not, I have invested probably over 100 hours on this site and when I was informed of it’s mysterious deletion, I was devastated.

My social worker, the marvellous Melinda, had been trying to show the site to some of her colleagues over at the Parkdale Recreation and Activity Centre and discovered a placeholder where tickety should’ve been. Read more


If you’ve been to see a physician regarding any kind of mental health concern, one of the first things that he/she will ask you is how you’ve been sleeping. Sleep is an absolutely integral part of our general health and specifically to our mental health.

As you are aware by reading this blog, I am diagnosed as being bipolar, which means that I have to pay special attention to how much sleep I get.. and more importantly, when I am not sleeping.  Read more