International Women’s Day Greatest Hits

International women's day greatest hits

I would like to start off this post with a quick apology. I have blogged each and every day at the Tickety Blog since the beginning of January and had never anticipated that I would need to take time off. I have even posted about the benefits of keeping a “cushion” of pre-written posts, just in case you are in need of a few days away from your computer.

What can I say?? I guess I used up my cushion.

There are quite a few things going on on the home front right now that have kept me away from the blog. Firstly, I have been dealing with a change in my medication that has made getting up and out of bed very difficult some days. That process is beginning to smooth itself out, which I am very thankful for.

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Top 5 Creative Coaches


Wouldn’t it be nice to have a creative cohort or partner in crime when you are feeling bogged down by your day-to-day just mentally drained and dull? Is there really such a thing?

I am here to tell you that there actually are many beacons of light out there in the creative universe that do just that!

Creative coaches take many forms. Some specialize in particular areas of creativity, like nonfiction writing, blogging, journal writing, life in general, or creative business enterprises. Others focus on simply getting you unstuck in life and whatever else may come in the way of your creative journey.

I have long yearned for the day when I could justify spending some moolah on myself and invest in creative coaching services of one sort or another. Personally, I would hope to find brand focus and my true voice through the help of a creative coach. Maybe one day I will.

For those of you presently on the market for creative coaching, I envy. If you are stuck on where to go and who to talk to, take a look of this at this TOP 5 list I have assembled of creative coaches from across Canada and around the world.

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As a blogger, I thoroughly enjoy reading books on blogging. They are usually chalk full of tips, tricks, ideas and inspirations about blogging, typically written by other successful bloggers who obviously know what they’re talking about.

Here is a list of my top 5 favourite books on blogging.

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Young woman working in creative desktop

I have been a fan of all things blog for nearly a decade and have even started one or two myself.

I love the freedom that we have to express ourselves and I adore the ability that anyone and everyone has to share those expressions with the blogosphere.

I have been a journal writer since I was 14 years old, but I find blogging to be quite different, as it is more formatted and it encourages you to hone your skills as both a writer and a creative for the world stage.

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ALLISONXO1.  have 4 cute and cuddly puppy dogs. Beau, Ben, Penny, and Edie. Beau and Ben are Chihuahuas, Penny is a Husky X, and Edie is a Labrador. We love our doggies so much. They are fantastic companions and comic relief each and everyday.

2.  I have 2 cats. Taffy Cat, the Tabby, and Rusty Cat, the Himalayan. They are the best of friends and the worst of enemies all at the same time. Taffy Cat likes to claw at my thighs, while Rusty Cat likes to sleep on my face. Who could pick a favourite?

3.  I have a incredibly good looking man friend named Johnny. We have been together for nearly 6 years, and are as in love now as we were the day we met. While I work very hard from home, Johnny works like a mad man out of the house as an audio technician and as a professional musician. He is from Saskatchewan and I am from Ontario. The first time we met each other was somewhere in the middle, in Winnipeg, Manitoba, when we were both in other relationships. Now we are together, hopefully for keeps, with new and interesting challenges coming around each and every corner. Together, we can make it through whatever life has to offer and we prove that each and every day.

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