How to Choose the Right Audience

how to choose the right audience

I love marketing!! It is a very crucial part of my business and of any business operating online or otherwise. As a business owner, you must make it a top priority to master this subject if you want your business to grow and be successful.

I, like many other homegrown business owners, got my marketing education at good old Google University. I highly recommend this learning strategy to anyone, especially business owners, who can’t see a conventional post secondary diploma in marketing in their future. It is crucial.

One of the most important aspect of marketing is determining your target market and figuring out the best methods to actually reach your audience.

For my business, I have focused my marketing efforts mostly on Facebook ads, as they maintain a community that is highly engaged and, through their targeting tools, it is relatively easy to effectively reach your ideal audience.

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Artist Profile:: Twinkie Chan


Twinkie Chan is “that girl who crochets food scarves. eat your cake and wear it, too!”

Twinkie has been on the DIY scene for over a decade now, having launched her site in 2005. She is based out of San Francisco and is the author of “Twinkie Chan’s Crochet Goodies for Fashion Foodies: 20 Yummy Treats To Wear”, which came out in Fall 2010 and won About.com’s Readers’s Choice Award for Best DIY Fashion Book of 2011.

Her highly anticipated second book, “Twinkie Chan’s Crocheted Abode a la Mode” will be available in Spring 2016.

We can’t wait for that one!

Twinkie has also launched a diffusion line, “Yummy You! by Twinkie Chan” that offer up her signature crochet patterns in a more accessible way, at a more affordable price. The line celebrates bright colours, bold patterns, fun textures, and feeling cute at any age.

If you are looking for something special order, and if Twinkie has the time, you can nab a custom scarf, starting at $150 USD. Each of Twinkie’s hand-stitched pieces takes approximately 6 – 10 hours, with much time invested to ensure that all ends are carefully woven in.

There is tons of detail and love invested in each piece, so you can be sure that your scarf is as cute as possible.

All of Twinkie’s patterns and designs are 100% original, with some stitches being picked up along the way from other resources.

Twinkie has an Etsy shop filled with food inspired scarves, cup cozies, brooches, pen cozies, hair clips, hats, tissue box cozies, fingerless gloves, and tons of PDF patterns.

Stop on by and order up some of her yummy crocheted goodness!


Etsy Round Up:: Best Tech Accessories

Hands with smartphones, tablet over table with laptop and coffeeDress up your tech with some of the best tech accessories found on Etsy! Listed here are some of my all time favs. List your favourites in the comments below so that we can all go and check them out!il_570xN.604983919_693w

Steve Zissou phone case for iPhone 4/4s/5 and Samsung S4. $22 USD

From Heahter Buchanan


Hello I love you robot with LEDs. $400 USD

From Kelly Newcomer



Cat head mouse pad. $22 USD

From Felt Planet

il_340x270.528450302_170aMint flowers girl’s laptop sleeve. $32 USD

From Studio Papilio 


Keyboard stickers. $20 USD

From Kidecals


Padded computer bag with strap. $59.99

From Bertie’s Closet 


Pick of the week:: Eva Design Studio


Eva Design Studios, owned and operated by Keri Chubb, offers up planners on health, your budget and your day to day, but for the purposes of this month’s blogging theme, we’ll stick to the blogger planner.

It is available in an instantly downloadable PDF document, sized at 148 mm x 210 mm especially to fit either a Kiki or the Filofax Original A5 Organizer.

The planner is 12 very succinct pages that contain everything you need to stay organized on a daily basis with all of your blogging tasks.

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business planning

So, you’ve decided to be an entrepreneur!! Good for you!!

You’ve taken the first step. You have an idea. But where do you go from here??

It’s a long way from the idea phase to cashing in that first million dollar check. Trust me!! So, how do you get from point A to point B.. and then to point C and D and so on??

Well, if you ask me, my friends, I would tell you that you it’s time to make a plan. More specifically, a business plan.. or a creative plan.. depending on what kind of business you’re getting yourself into.

Some might tell you that a business plan is a waste of time, but how else are you going to know when and if you are reaching your goals and business milestones if you haven’t mapped them out.

If you do nothing else, please.. please.. please.. write out a business budget. A well thought out budget will categorize and track your expenses, monthly and annually, and help to eliminate any surprises along the way.

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