How to Network Authentically

how to network authentically

One thing that you will learn very quickly when trying to establish your blog is that you will have a very tough time of it if you attempt to go it alone. Networking with other influencers within your industry is a must if you want to attract readership to your space.

But how do you go about connecting with these influencers?

Most importantly, when networking you must come across as authentic or else no one is going to want to associate with you or your brand, blog, or whatever else it may be that you are attempting to promote.

Authenticity is not difficult to accomplish as long as you remember a few very simple tips.

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Top 5 Ways to Create Catchy Headlines for your Blog

top 5 ways to create a catchy title

I don’t think that there is anything, besides of course your content, that is more than your title. Without a catchy title, you would have no one reading your posts. Plain and simple.

Listed here are my TOP 5 suggestions for how you can achieve that catchy blog title.

  1.  Always write your headline first. It helps maintain your focus while writing your post and provides an end goal to work toward.
  2. Outline the benefits. When selecting your blog title, you must provide a clear and concise message to your readers outlining the benefits within your post. If you can continually deliver on the benefits mentioned in your title, you will secure new loyal readers for life.
  3. Consider your target audience. You will need to have a very good handle on exactly who you are writing for if you are going to appeal to your audience. What are their interests? What information could they be seeking out for? What keywords or phrases would jump out on them? Continue to draw them in with the content of your post.
  4. Use exciting words in your title. This might seem a little obvious, but it is very important. Would you rather read “13 new ways to accomplish ???” or “13 fabulous ways to rock ???”. One is just more appealing plain and simple.
  5. Use subheadings. This is extremely important and even improves the SEO rating of your posts. Your subheadings should be as exciting and eye-catching as your main title. They will also serve to make your post more readable for your audience, who tend to scan articles, grabbing onto these subheadings for further information.



We’ve all been there.. staring at the computer screen.. waiting for those creative juices to start flowing. It can be absolute torture!! So, what do you do when you’ve hit the wall?? How do you break free from the clutches of the dreaded brain freeze??

You can ask around. There are lots of people with loads of opinions of how you can finally get back to the grindstone. It can be hard to know who’s got the real deal tactical advice and who is just blowing smoke.

Personally, I’ve tried plenty of creative solutions to conquer writer’s block. I’ve even tried a few of apps, such as Sticky and Unstuck.

Unstuck, in particular, is especially good. It teaches you that getting unstuck is all about making a pivotal change in your life and that any act of change starts by addressing your behaviour. Specifically, seeing, believing, acting, and thinking.

You must see the world as full of possibilities.

You must believe you can change the way that things are now.

Act to turn your ideas into reality.

And finally, think about the ways you can make a meaningful transformation possible and create a plan.

It’s really a very handy tool.

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