Business Profile:: Oh Joy

You may recall my featuring Joy Cho from Oh Joy in a recent blog post about my TOP 5 bloggers. While Joy is a fantastic and very successful blogger, she also runs quite a neat little business for herself and her family.

Originally launched in 2005 as a graphic design studio, the Oh Joy brand has grown to include various licensed product lines, like her nursery items for target, band-aids, wallpaper for Hygge West, baby wraps for Solly Baby, and more.

On her blog, you will find how-to lifestyle videos, and other musings with a focus on design, fashion, food, and “joyful moments from everyday life.”

Joy is also the author of several books, Oh Joy!: 50 Ways To Create & Give Joy, Creative, Inc., and Blog, Inc.. You may remember that Blog, Inc. was featured in another TOP 5 post that I wrote about books on blogging. It’s a major fav of mine.

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Blogger Profile:: The Arbitrary Fox

IMG_5244 copy1

The Arbitrary Fox is a brand new blog. It is a sweet little corner of the internet dedicated to fashion and style, run by mother and wife, Heather Gwinn. She is an artist and photographer living among the mountains in beautiful Colorado.

Heather created the blog to “get herself out of her small bubble”, make friends, and to share aspects of her life. She is very obviously a lover of all things DIY and crafty, as she features and promotes small home-grown shops in her blog posts.

She enjoys collecting pyrex, fashion, coffee, snow drives, and time spent with family.

Each image on her blog is brilliantly crisp and full of colour, accompanied by brief looks into her day and glimpses of her life with her family.

Although her blog is very new, it has already proven to be an excellent resource for fashion, and the occasional recipe, and will likely prove an even greater resource if Heather can keep it up. We hope that she does!




Hana is the maker mastermind behind Quiet Clementine, based out of Arkansas, USA. She creates absolutely vibrant ceramic decor and jewelry pieces, each 100% by hand.

Formerly, Hana ran businesses making various items out of polymer clay, but she never felt that those endeavours were taking her where she wanted to go. Her father, a potter, then encouraged her to try her hand at ceramics, but at first Hana thought that she didn’t have the skill or space to dedicate to the craft.

Once she finally gave in to his prodding, she was hooked.

As it turns out, Quiet Clementine is the business that she never realized she had wanted from the very beginning. Now, Hana is excited everyday to work on her new venture and is anxious to see her little shop grow into all that she hopes that it can become.

Quiet Clementine ceramics made with the intention to excite and light up your eyes. They are meant for you to interact with them and hopefully they will bring you joy everyday.

Above all, it is Hana’s goal to “make fun things that are happy and vibrant” and she hopes that each piece will make your life just a little bit more colourful.


Personally, I love Hana’s jewelry storage (pictured above) and her ceramic jewelry the most. So colourful and creative!

And she is running quite a neat little business too! She has nearly 300 sales on Etsy and more than 3.500 admirers. Check out her instagram @quietclementine where she has more that 500 bright and crisp photographs posted, with more than 11.7k followers. She also appears on Pinterest and Twitter.

Follow her shop on social media to get updates on promotions, special releases, and other shop news.


Pick of the week:: Eva Design Studio


Eva Design Studios, owned and operated by Keri Chubb, offers up planners on health, your budget and your day to day, but for the purposes of this month’s blogging theme, we’ll stick to the blogger planner.

It is available in an instantly downloadable PDF document, sized at 148 mm x 210 mm especially to fit either a Kiki or the Filofax Original A5 Organizer.

The planner is 12 very succinct pages that contain everything you need to stay organized on a daily basis with all of your blogging tasks.

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snappa-1449200261Determining your brand identity is one of the most important decisions that you will have to make when developing your blog.

It will set the tone of your site and will frame your words.

You will want to pull that theme to all of your branding materials, like business cards, invoices and etc.

I created my branding materials using the Markr app, which is available for free in the iTunes store.

You are able to create your logo for free using the app and then pay a fee of $7.99 for the image download. Printing is also available through their service at very reasonable rates, with free shipping on orders of over $50.

They can help you create business cards, address labels, stickers and postcards.

Any hardcopy materials that you might need for your business, with the notable exception of letterheads. A service that I highly recommend that they add to their menu.

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At some point in your blogging journey, you may wish to monetize you site. There are, of course, many ways in which you can do this: ad networks, affiliate sales, private advertising, sponsored posts, perhaps even by selling your own products.

In many instances, to do this you will need a media kit and predetermined ad rates.

It is always good to have this figured out ahead of time, so that you are not put on the spot should a potential sponsor contact you sometime in the future.

You could easily put together a PDF describing your social media reach and ad rates, if you so wish, but if you want to look extra professional, you may want to invest a small amount of money into an editable PSD version.

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