Blogger Profile:: Skunk Boy

skunk boyI would like to introduce you to Katie!! She is just about the cutest host to one of the cutest corners on the web!! The SkunkBoy Blog!!

Katie is a wife, mother, artist, musician (The Mixtapes), and obviously an avid blogger.

The SkunkBoy Blog is filled with craftiness, thrift, colour, and whimsy.

I just love pouring over Katie’s fun posts about her beautiful home, “weekly wears” outfit features, the garden, Snapshots, “SkunkBoy Creatures” featuring some of Katie’s cute and cuddly creations, “Home School” which follows her experiences with her own kids, “Camera Challenge” which follows Katie and her camera on different adventures, Sewing, and her band The Mixtapes. So many topics to browse through!!

I assure you, each is full of lovely photos and interesting dialogue.

Katie is also a regular contributor to A Beautiful Mess, which is another one of my absolute favourite blogs. Her contributions usually include sewing projects like this adorable ‘Match Book Doll’, which can be found on ABM here and see it pictured below.

skunkboy match book doll

You can take a look at more of Katie’s creations, and even take one home with you, from her web store here. You may even request custom orders, during certain periods of the year.

I would say that my favourite features on the SkunkBoy Blog would be a toss up between her Sewing page and her Outfit features.

As I sew myself, I am really drawn to and inspired by Katie’s various projects on-the-go. From updating vintage pieces to outfits from scratch, doll making, and more!! She always seems to be working on something uber creative and I love it!!

The Outfit features are also very colourful, creative, and inspirational, making me want to borrow some of that creativity and apply it to my own wardrobe. Thank goodness it’s Spring!! I am sure that there are many great outfits to come out of Katie’s closest! I hope that she shares them all with us!

So if you find yourself looking for something to brighten your day, inspire your mind, or maybe you just want to pass the time, I would highly recommend you take some time to click over to the SkunkBoy Blog.

It’s real good reading over a warm cup of tea, with some sweet tunes playing on your iPod, and a little kitty on your lap.


Artist Profile:: Talk to the Sun

Talk to the sun

I have been an active member of the Etsy community since April 2011 and I have a very impressive list of favourites that I carefully curate for all of my Etsy followers.

Of all the shops and individual items that I have favourited over the past 5 years, I would have to say that the Talk to the Sun shop and all of her brilliant hand carved stamps are some of my ultimate favourites.

The shop boasts nearly 1,000 different stamp designs, ink pads, cleaners, and paper sets. Riyo, the owner and maker behind Talk to the Sun, hand carves each piece individually with a turn around of about 2 – 3 business days. Some custom stamps are available for weddings, businesses branding, and etc.

Riyo also hosts another shop dedicated to supplies called Talk to the Sun Supplies, which carries fabrics, DIY stamp making kits, scrapbooking supplies, ink pads, and stamp cleaners.

Riyo got an early start in craft and DIY, with instruction and encouragement from her mother in Japan. She began working with rubber stamps in 2008 at the Glebe Market in Sydney, Austrailia and quickly decided that making rubber stamps should be her full time career.

She enjoys making her customers happy through her stamps and she often pretends that she is making each piece for friends and family, ensuring that each piece is extra special.

It is Riyo’s goal to keep true to herself as a person and as an artist and to keep creating with love.

As she puts it, there is nothing wrong with having a slow and simple, creative life.

I totally agree.

Talk to the sun


Business Profile:: Modern Girl Blitz

modern girl blitz

Meet Midge from Modern Girl Blitz shop and blog!

Midge works out of her home studio is Hoboken, New Jersey, where she creates funky feminist art ranging from apparel and tote bags to jewelry and buttons.

She started her nifty career in art and crafting as a Graphic Design major in art school, where she did her thesis on Riot Grrrl Zines. Her project gained so much popularity that she decided to open her Etsy store way back in 2008, making her an early Etsy adopter.

“Making feminist based art was something that came so easily to me, because I had so much to say and to put into my own visual language” says Midge of her art.

Initially, her shop was home only to her zines, but it quickly grew to include wearable art for “badass babes” like herself.

modern girl blitzThese days, Modern Girl Blitz is bursting with quirky designs and bright colours, highlighting all of Midge’s favourite things, from coffee and cats to witchy magic and positivity.

“Owning a handmade piece by yours truly is sure to make you stand out”

Prices for Midges jewelry and wearables range from $25 – $55 for t-shirts and sweatshirts and $2 – $4 for button packages.

Can’t make up your mind?? Why don’t you take a chance on one of the Modern Girl Blitz ‘Mystery Bags’, ranging in price from $20 – $50!!! You can’t go wrong!



Blogger Profile:: Miss West End Girl

It seems that I have been browsing through a lot of Glasgow blogs lately. They are all so stylish and colourful, I can’t get enough! I have definitely put Glasgow on my bucket list of places I simply must visit, and when I do, I will have the Miss West End Girl blog to use as my guide.

Follow Lynsay as she takes us about town to spas, cafes, restaurants, and more and she has even been listed in the 10 Essential Glasgow Blogs You Should Be Reading by WOW 24/7.

She is super cute and full of style!

Exactly the type of gal that I would like to follow around town to all of the hippest hot spots!

In additon to regular posts on Miss West End Girl, Lynsay can be found as a contributor on such blogs as Trouble with Film, Scot Bloggers, and Being Erica. Her blog has been featured on all around the internet and she has also contributed articles to a number of different publications such as, Time Out Glasgow, Wear Eponymous fashion, and West End Report.

On the blog, I would suggest her 20 fun facts about Lush cosmetics post, where she takes you to her local Lush store and even delves into some bath bomb making!!

Another super great element of the blog would be The Glasgow Veggie Diaries for all of you fellow non-meat eaters out there. It is a whole tagged category of posts where Lynsay dishes on a whole plethora of meat-free Glasgow eateries where she dines with her beau, Gary.

I like her sweet and well-researched reviews on everything ranging from food to style. Miss West End Girl is truly the go-to guide for all things Glasgow. Check her out!!


Business Profile:: Dandelion Sun Tea

Dandelion Sun Tea

I was so happy to be able to feature Dandelion Sun Tea this week on the blog.

Rashma Manjra, the proprietor of Dandelion Sun Tea, is a fellow Rise Asset Development alum and was the Youth Garfinkle Award winner last year. 

I first spoke of Rise Asset Development in this recent post about my Rise mentor, Jo Caragh.

I was able to connect with Rashma for the purposes of this post and chat about her business.

She started her business approximately 3 years ago after hosting a series of small tea parties for friends and family. She was motivated by all of the positive feedback that she was receiving for her blends and finally decided that she should start selling her creations.

Her passion for teas grew from her love of plants and her desire to holistically help people. She herself was often sick prior to familiarizing herself holistic teas, which was the inspiration behind her first commercial blend, Original Goodness: Immunity Booster.

Her biggest milestone thus far in her business has been the ability to dream about an idea and then make it into a reality. She has taken business courses to better understand financial planning, website creation, and even the process of speaking to cafes and other marketplaces about her product.

It is Rashma’s future goal to return to school and gain her Masters degree in Social Work so that one day she could open a Dandelion Sun Wellness Centre.

What sets Rashma’s product apart from her competition would be her care and attention paid to the quality of her herbs and tea. There are no processed natural flavours or sugars added to her blends. She prides herself on creating all extractions that go into her teas.

Every blend that she makes not only tastes good, but feels good too!

It’s the ultimate experience!

I wish Rashma the best of luck as she continues to grow her business and expand on her product line. If you get the opportunity, please follow the links in this post and check out some of her unique blends for yourself!


Introduce a Girl to Engineering Day

Jocelyne moyer

I read somewhere that February 20 was ‘Introduce a Girl to Engineering Day’ and I just so happen to have an engineer in my very own family that I would to introduce you to! My sister, Jocelyne Moyer.

Jocelyne is presently away at Harvard Business School, just about to finish her degree, but she started her educational career at McMaster University as a Mechanical Engineering student.

I recently did an interview with her in honour of ‘Introduce a Girl to Engineering Day’.

She was happy to participate. I hope that you enjoy the interview and perhaps even find the inspiration to pass on some of her insights to a special girl in your life who may be interested in a career in engineering.

For starters, what exactly is an engineer and what do they do?

An engineer does all sorts of things! It really depends on your chosen field. You may design buildings or roads, computer programs or managing large projects. The best thing about engineering is that it opens so many doors to different fields and careers.

When did you think that you first wanted to become an engineer? 

I used to tinker when I was a kid and I loved to build things. Dad suggested that I should be an engineer and the idea just kind of stuck. I made sure to take all the math and science classes that I could!

Describe the engineering program that you took in school.

Mechanical Engineering focuses on anything that moves. We learned about things like mechanical systems, fluids, and vibrations. We also did a ton of calculus and algebra courses, which are important to be able to understand the fundamentals of engineering systems. We did a combination of lectures, small groups, and labs so that we could learn concepts in all different ways.

How long was your program?

5 years.

What was one of the most important lessons you learned during the course of your program?

The most important thing that I learned was systematic problem solving. We learn how to find all the important variables in a problem and break it down into smaller pieces. This has been so valuable in my career. Problem solving is one of the most important skills you can have and you need it in every field.

What do you think is most interesting about engineering?

I think that engineering is a great intersection between science and the real world. If you like math, you’ll love engineering.

When you first entered your program, what profession were you hoping to pursue?

I was hoping to start out in manufacturing to get a base knowledge before moving to the business side. So far, everything has gone according to plan!

How many other girls were in your class?

Our class was about 20% women. There wasn’t many of us and we all became great friends during the course of our program. One thing I loved about engineering was how supportive everyone was, guys and girls. We all studied together and supported one another. I made some of my best friends in engineering.

What was your most positive school experience?

I think the best part was the study sessions I would have with my friends. We would be in the library with snacks, hanging out for hours. We all just became so close during that time. It was studying and bonding at the same time.

What would your dream engineering job look like?

I no longer work as an engineer, so it’s hard to say. The best thing about engineering for is that it gave me the skills and confidence that I needed to pursue any career I want! I know that the knowledge that I gained from my degree is applied every day.

I would like to thank my wonderful sister for participating in this little interview and opening the window to Engineering and what it is like to be a girl in the field.

Once she finishes studying at Harvard in late April, the lucky gal will be doing some travelling before returning to Canada and settling into a new position at Bain & Company, a consulting firm in Toronto.

She may not have decided to stay in the field of Engineering, but as she alluded to in her interview, it was her Engineering degree that has led her to where she is today and opened many doors for herself. moving forward.

Jocelyne has always been one of the hardest workers that I have ever know, whether it be in school (especially in school) or in her career and I am so proud for what she has been able to accomplish thus far in her life.



Blogger Profile:: Forever Yours Betty

Forever Yours Betty

As Betty, from foreveryoursbetty.com, puts it herself, she is “a tangerine haired, glasses wearing Scottish Fashion blogger with a nose for a good sandwich and an eye for style”.

Her blog is bright and bold, brimming with images of her on the streets of her native Glasgow, showcasing her eccentric style.

Categories range from “Betty’s Fashion” to “Betty’s Hair” to “Betty’s Travels” and beyond.

She sometimes blogs with BFF’s on travel and style features, which always adds an extra spectrum of pop and colour. One example of a BFF post was this post about Betty’s recent trip to Marrakech with her best pal, Honey Pop!

Betty and Honey Pop

Aren’t they the cutest little colourful couple! I love them!!

If you think that the pictures pop on the blog, then you should check out Betty’s Instagram feed, where she boasts over 25.9k followers. It is fun and never dull. Well worth a follow.

When reading about what Betty plans to bring into her 2016, it looks like we can look forward to a daring year full of even further self-expression and experimentation with colour, style, and tone of voice.

If you are interested in working with Betty, you can connect with her through her blog agent, The Blogger Agent. She’s the real thing, right?

I, for one, will be reading along with her as she explores everything that the new year has to offer.


Business Profile:: This Kid Clothing Co


This Kid Clothing Co is the team effort of Melissa, Tim, and 2 year old Anton. They have recently been joined by a new little baby, which thankfully hasn’t put a glitch in any of their plans for the up and coming SS16 line.

The new line consists of flowy tanks, onesies, long sleeve tees, sweat shirts, crop tanks, and classic tees. All donning their simple designs and texts that their brand is becoming so well known for.

Phrases like “Bad Mother Hugger”, “This Kid” and “This Kid’s Mom”, “Wife Life”, and more.

 Their e-boutique also includes accessories like totes bags, cinch bags, spirit animal necklaces, beanie hats, and tablet sleeves. In their home section, they have lovely animal printed pillows and fleece blankets.

Truly something for everyone!

Price points for their most popular tees are $18 – $25 and hoodies from the AW15 line are $30 – $42. Sizes are available from infant to toddler to adult.

So what are you waiting for? Make a statement with one of This Kid Clothing Co’s clothing options!


Blogger Profile:: The House That Lars Built

Blogger Profile:: The House that Lars Built

Let me introduce you to Brittany Watson Jepsen. The lovely brains behind ‘The House That Lars Built‘. I have to tell you that I absolutely love this blog. It is a soft and beautiful blog about crafting and other pretty things that offers tips on party planning, creating cool DIYs, recipes, and smatterings of a life lived in full colour. It is well written and incredibly pleasing to the eyes.

Brittany has been blogging at The House That Lars Built for the past 8 years, with only starting to take her blogging seriously within the last 3 years. She initially started the blog as a grad school project for an interior design class. Look how far she has come in such little time?!

These days, Brittany is working hard, everyday, on the blog, as well as in her shop on Etsy, which carries her cards, calendars, and other illustrations.

Brittany has also collaborated with Twig NY on a dinnerware line that is absolutely charming.

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Blogger Profile:: Studio DIY

blogger profile:: studioDIY

Studio DIY is brought to you by the talented husband and wife duo of Kelly (founder + editor) and Jeff (photographer) Mindell. The rich and colourful blog has you covered if you are seeking to celebrate the DIY way and put that personal touch on your everyday life.

Kelly and Jeff live in Los Angeles and have been working on the blog for the past 5 years. Kelly is a lifelong DIY-er and an entrepreneur since the age of fifteen.

As Kelly puts it, “I think confetti throwing should be a daily occurrence” and she shares that mantra on her blog, through her impressive catalogue of projects.

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