Book Review:: A Little Book of Craftivism

a little book of craftivism

As promised, this evening I am reviewing a fabulous book on ‘Craftivism’, written by Craftivist Collective, Sarah Corbett. The book is called ‘A Little Book of Craftivism‘ and it very literally is a little book, measuring only 6.1″ tall.

When I first unpacked it from the mail, I wasn’t too sure what to expect, but was definitely pleasantly surprised, as this mini-tomb offers a brilliant glimpse into the world of Craftivism, even giving you the tools and a variety of different ideas to get started on your own.

There is a simple cross stitching tutorial, so that you may stitch your Craftivist message onto recycled fabric swatches or whatever else you can find.

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There Are So Many Things in Store!!!

There are so many things in store!!!

As mentioned in my last post, available here, I have been very busy adding to and tweaking details within my Tickety Boutique business plan. I have my next meeting at Rise Asset Development on Friday. I am really looking forward to it.

I am working with a super cool gentleman named Steve who is helping me pull everything together before my application, business plan, and supporting materials to the April lending committee. We’re really coming down to the wire!! I think I am in good shape. I suppose we’ll see.

As part of the preparation process, I have been amassing the raw materials necessary to begin manufacturing some of the awesome accessories that will soon be available at the Tickety Boutique dot com. [Read more…]


International Women’s Day Greatest Hits

International women's day greatest hits

I would like to start off this post with a quick apology. I have blogged each and every day at the Tickety Blog since the beginning of January and had never anticipated that I would need to take time off. I have even posted about the benefits of keeping a “cushion” of pre-written posts, just in case you are in need of a few days away from your computer.

What can I say?? I guess I used up my cushion.

There are quite a few things going on on the home front right now that have kept me away from the blog. Firstly, I have been dealing with a change in my medication that has made getting up and out of bed very difficult some days. That process is beginning to smooth itself out, which I am very thankful for.

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Business Profile:: Modern Girl Blitz

modern girl blitz

Meet Midge from Modern Girl Blitz shop and blog!

Midge works out of her home studio is Hoboken, New Jersey, where she creates funky feminist art ranging from apparel and tote bags to jewelry and buttons.

She started her nifty career in art and crafting as a Graphic Design major in art school, where she did her thesis on Riot Grrrl Zines. Her project gained so much popularity that she decided to open her Etsy store way back in 2008, making her an early Etsy adopter.

“Making feminist based art was something that came so easily to me, because I had so much to say and to put into my own visual language” says Midge of her art.

Initially, her shop was home only to her zines, but it quickly grew to include wearable art for “badass babes” like herself.

modern girl blitzThese days, Modern Girl Blitz is bursting with quirky designs and bright colours, highlighting all of Midge’s favourite things, from coffee and cats to witchy magic and positivity.

“Owning a handmade piece by yours truly is sure to make you stand out”

Prices for Midges jewelry and wearables range from $25 – $55 for t-shirts and sweatshirts and $2 – $4 for button packages.

Can’t make up your mind?? Why don’t you take a chance on one of the Modern Girl Blitz ‘Mystery Bags’, ranging in price from $20 – $50!!! You can’t go wrong!



Book Review:: Handmade Nation

I’ve had Handmade Nation: The Rise of DIY, Art, Craft, and Design on my bookshelf for many years, but I haven’t looked at it in a while. I pulled it the other day, while I was looking for an appropriate book to review for the blog and I am so very happy that I did.

It has brought me back to myself, in a way, because of its origins in the new wave of craft and DIY culture. I am reminded of how I first came upon the craft/DIY movement back in the early days. It is a great accompaniment if you want to take a trip down the memory lane.

It documents the beginnings of many pillars in the craft/DIY community, spanning from 1994 and the inception of Venus Zine, all the way to the first Renegade Handmade Fair in Chicago, IL in 2007.  [Read more…]


How to Network Authentically

how to network authentically

One thing that you will learn very quickly when trying to establish your blog is that you will have a very tough time of it if you attempt to go it alone. Networking with other influencers within your industry is a must if you want to attract readership to your space.

But how do you go about connecting with these influencers?

Most importantly, when networking you must come across as authentic or else no one is going to want to associate with you or your brand, blog, or whatever else it may be that you are attempting to promote.

Authenticity is not difficult to accomplish as long as you remember a few very simple tips.

If you are trying to attract readership to your blog or attempting to promote your product or brand, consider partnering with other bloggers or entrepreneurs from your own industry for some kind of giveaway.  [Read more…]


Top 5 Ways to Create Catchy Headlines for your Blog

top 5 ways to create a catchy title

I don’t think that there is anything, besides of course your content, that is more than your title. Without a catchy title, you would have no one reading your posts. Plain and simple.

Listed here are my TOP 5 suggestions for how you can achieve that catchy blog title.

  1.  Always write your headline first. It helps maintain your focus while writing your post and provides an end goal to work toward.
  2. Outline the benefits. When selecting your blog title, you must provide a clear and concise message to your readers outlining the benefits within your post. If you can continually deliver on the benefits mentioned in your title, you will secure new loyal readers for life.
  3. Consider your target audience. You will need to have a very good handle on exactly who you are writing for if you are going to appeal to your audience. What are their interests? What information could they be seeking out for? What keywords or phrases would jump out on them? Continue to draw them in with the content of your post.
  4. Use exciting words in your title. This might seem a little obvious, but it is very important. Would you rather read “13 new ways to accomplish ???” or “13 fabulous ways to rock ???”. One is just more appealing plain and simple.
  5. Use subheadings. This is extremely important and even improves the SEO rating of your posts. Your subheadings should be as exciting and eye-catching as your main title. They will also serve to make your post more readable for your audience, who tend to scan articles, grabbing onto these subheadings for further information.

Blogger Profile:: Miss West End Girl

It seems that I have been browsing through a lot of Glasgow blogs lately. They are all so stylish and colourful, I can’t get enough! I have definitely put Glasgow on my bucket list of places I simply must visit, and when I do, I will have the Miss West End Girl blog to use as my guide.

Follow Lynsay as she takes us about town to spas, cafes, restaurants, and more and she has even been listed in the 10 Essential Glasgow Blogs You Should Be Reading by WOW 24/7.

She is super cute and full of style!

Exactly the type of gal that I would like to follow around town to all of the hippest hot spots!

In additon to regular posts on Miss West End Girl, Lynsay can be found as a contributor on such blogs as Trouble with Film, Scot Bloggers, and Being Erica. Her blog has been featured on all around the internet and she has also contributed articles to a number of different publications such as, Time Out Glasgow, Wear Eponymous fashion, and West End Report.

On the blog, I would suggest her 20 fun facts about Lush cosmetics post, where she takes you to her local Lush store and even delves into some bath bomb making!!

Another super great element of the blog would be The Glasgow Veggie Diaries for all of you fellow non-meat eaters out there. It is a whole tagged category of posts where Lynsay dishes on a whole plethora of meat-free Glasgow eateries where she dines with her beau, Gary.

I like her sweet and well-researched reviews on everything ranging from food to style. Miss West End Girl is truly the go-to guide for all things Glasgow. Check her out!!


Business Profile:: Dandelion Sun Tea

Dandelion Sun Tea

I was so happy to be able to feature Dandelion Sun Tea this week on the blog.

Rashma Manjra, the proprietor of Dandelion Sun Tea, is a fellow Rise Asset Development alum and was the Youth Garfinkle Award winner last year. 

I first spoke of Rise Asset Development in this recent post about my Rise mentor, Jo Caragh.

I was able to connect with Rashma for the purposes of this post and chat about her business.

She started her business approximately 3 years ago after hosting a series of small tea parties for friends and family. She was motivated by all of the positive feedback that she was receiving for her blends and finally decided that she should start selling her creations.

Her passion for teas grew from her love of plants and her desire to holistically help people. She herself was often sick prior to familiarizing herself holistic teas, which was the inspiration behind her first commercial blend, Original Goodness: Immunity Booster.

Her biggest milestone thus far in her business has been the ability to dream about an idea and then make it into a reality. She has taken business courses to better understand financial planning, website creation, and even the process of speaking to cafes and other marketplaces about her product.

It is Rashma’s future goal to return to school and gain her Masters degree in Social Work so that one day she could open a Dandelion Sun Wellness Centre.

What sets Rashma’s product apart from her competition would be her care and attention paid to the quality of her herbs and tea. There are no processed natural flavours or sugars added to her blends. She prides herself on creating all extractions that go into her teas.

Every blend that she makes not only tastes good, but feels good too!

It’s the ultimate experience!

I wish Rashma the best of luck as she continues to grow her business and expand on her product line. If you get the opportunity, please follow the links in this post and check out some of her unique blends for yourself!


Book Review:: How to Make Money Using Etsy

How to Make Money Using Etsy

Timothy Adam is an early Etsy adopter, having started his shop in 2007, only 2 years after the site began hosting sellers. He is one of the first authors to write a book dedicated to walking you through the process of opening your Etsy store, Etsy SEO, social media and blog marketing for your Etsy shop, and all the other nitty gritty.

I believe his book, “How to Make Money Using Etsy” stands the tests of time and remains a super good read for anyone looking to open their first Etsy store, or perhaps anyone who is hoping to get better exposure for their shop.

The book contains many insights from buyers and sellers about the, then new, Etsy community. It is almost like travelling back in time! At the time of print, Etsy only had 400,000 sellers and had only generated a little more than $180 dollars.

As of 2014, there were more than 1.4 million sellers on Etsy and had generated more than $195 million in sales.

Although Etsy has obviously come a very long way since the first pressing of Timothy Adam’s book, I assure that it is still holds lots of valuable information that is time tested and true.

He walks you through your Etsy shop from end to end, gets into detail about marketing and branding your products, helps you in product research to discover what is trending and what is not, helps you list your first product, provides details on shipping your first product, introduces you to the Etsy forum, and much, much more.

I had already been running a shop on Etsy for many years before I picked up this book and still, I found it very useful. Especially the information he shared on advanced SEO for your Etsy shop.

For this reason, I would definitely recommend this book for seasoned sellers and newbies alike. It’s an easy read and will get you selling like a star in no time!!

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