Oh Hello There..

AllisonXO is a blogger, crafter, thrifter, feminist, and serial entrepreneur who is presently resides in Toronto, Canada, with her handsome man, Johnny, 4 dogs, and 2 cats.

The Tickety Blog is an online journal with regular features on artists, innovators, craftisits, community engagement, and DIY’ers of all sorts.

When the blog first launched, nearly 7 years ago, it’s main focus was on craft tutorials, the occasional recipe, and tips on blogging and self employment. and life in general.

The new and improved Tickety Blog will still have many elements from the original years, however, I will also be conveying aspects of my day-to-day, which includes my life as a “mom” to 6 furkids, the operation of my various business ventures, the process of reinventing myself after several years of being nearly bed-ridden, and surviving with mental illness.

It is the hope of AllisonXO that she will be able to connect with likeminded individuals who will be mutually interested in creating positive change within their communities, exploring their own potential, and to become inspired by the amazing accomplishments of women from around the world.

Of course, the Tickety Blog is the accompaniment blog to the Tickety Boutique (under construction).

The Tickety Boutique specializes in reworked and embellished vintage pieces, including clothing and accessories, as well as carefully curated handmade pieces that are extra special.