I am embarking on a new business project that I feel I can finally let you all in on..

I am officially relaunching the Tickety Boutique in the very near future.

It will, once again, be a dot com endeavour, accessible via www.ticketyboutique.com.

The new Tickety Boutique will be a lifestyle brand, specializing in handmade and thrifted goods.

Handmade items have been designed with comfort in mind, but it such a way that you don’t have to sacrifice style.

I have designed some lovely shift dresses, tunics, day dresses, shorts, pants.. all will be available in the softest, most breathable natural materials.

Some fabrics have been designed and printed in-house, ensuring the uniqueness of each piece in the collection.

Thrifted items that have been brought into the Tickety Boutique inventory will be carefully analyzed and then, if necessary, altered, embellished, and re-imaged to create modern fashions that are brand new and totally on trend.

Vintage elements to be added or accentuated include collars, trims, hem line, and silhouette.

Handmade feminist/witchy/strange enamel pins and loud necklace/bracelet/earrings statement pieces have been created by awesome crafters from all the world.

You will die when you see the wide array of items that the Tickety Boutique has to offer!

The Tickety Boutique will also have a lovely selection of handmade decor items. I am very excited about the decor items, as my sister is assisting in the creation of this inventory from the other side of the country!

Last but not least, I will be merging Epic Penny into the Tickety Boutique. Epic Penny, as a stand alone brand, will cease to be.

I will still have pet accessory products available, including collars, leashes, harness, beds, and toys, however, I will be reducing the size of my Epic Penny inventory to between 2 – 4 prints that I create at home.

Moving forward, I am hoping to take my newly developed brand and exciting new inventory to the Toronto Designers Market. Each stall is super huge. It will be like practically having my own store front again!

I will be back here a couple times a week to update you all on the progress of building up the Tickety Boutique brand once again.

I will also be contributing to some of the blogs other sections again. It’s been a long time, but I’m back and feeling fine!



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