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vintage-1495129_1280Just yesterday I received my ‘Dottie Angel‘ Simplicity patterns, which I plan to adapt to create my new Tickety line of dresses and also use as inspirations as I reconstruct vintage dresses, as they come in.

If you are not familiar with ‘Dottie Angel’, as I was not until very recently, she is widely considered the founder of ‘Granny Chic’.

As far as I am aware, she is no longer blogging or creating under the ‘Dottie Angel’ moniker, which is such a shame, as I am just jumping onto that bandwagon and I hate being late to the party.

You can get a taste of what she brought to the world by visiting her blog over here. All of the attached links seem to be dead.

I have also recently received a book authored by Tif Fussel (Dottie Angel) and Rachelle Blondel (Ted & Angus, who also seems to be currently inactive). I purchased mine from Amazon, and you can too by visiting this link.

It is a super terrific trip into a world of craft and collecting and I am so happy to have added it to my collection. It contains a number of how-to’s and is overflowing with pictures of frilly things and and floral prints. All the inspiration you need to start you on your journey into Granny Chic.

I found that it validated a lot of my collections that I have felt guilty for having around for so many years. My religious iconography, in particular. I am not religious, by any means, but I have been an avid collector of catholic iconography for many years. I own portraits, crosses, and rosaries galore. Much of which is housed in treasure boxes kept on dusty shelves. Now, I feel like I have the permission to finally display more of my collection.

I felt very inspired, after flipping through the Granny Chic book, to immediately go thrifty for vintage sheets and fabrics that I could repurpose into the colourful pillows and lampshades depicted in the book.

Some years ago, I got rid of ALL of my fabrics, some of which was literally irreplaceable. I had been holding onto that fabric for many years and wasn’t actively using it for anything. Such a shame. It had travelled with me from one end of this country to other.. twice!

I really regret holding not holding onto it.

In the future, I will be more selective of what fabrics make it into my stash. I will be more careful about how my fabric is stored and organized and I will make every attempt to actively utilize my fabrics for creative projects, so that it doesn’t lay around, untouched, for years at a time.

I donated my unused fabrics and I really hope that they went on to find a crafty home where they could be utilized for all the creative projects that I never had time for. Dresses, stuffies, totes, and more…

I also recently bought some absolutely brilliant pattern making books, that I would love to tell you about.

The ‘Pattern Making Primer‘ has to be my favourite of the books that I bought. The examples of clothing and patterns shown within its pages are much more modern than what you would find in most of these pattern making books. At least that has been my experience.

It takes you through all elements of pattern making and clothing, visiting methods of implementing yokes, different sleeve styles, different cuts and fits of all manner of tops, skirts and dresses. As I said, the accompanying pictured styles are beautifully modern and chic.

The book also provides you with pattern blocks that you can use as you set out on your own projects and patten making endeavours.

The second book that I would like to mention is ‘How to Use, Adapt & Design Sewing Patterns‘, which I think I will really enjoy, as it directly addresses how to adapt store bought patterns. As an example, the ‘Dottie Angel’ patterns that I purchased from Simplicity are in the misses size category and I would like to adapt them to fit a women’s large to accommodate everyone. I will also like to discover the ability to significantly customize these patterns, to make them my own, so I am not at risk of plagiarizing someone else’s creation. A big no no!

So what about you! All of you ladies out there in the community!

What’s your style? What has been yanking your crank lately??? Are you jumping on the ‘Granny Chic’ bandwagon with me or is it all just old hat to you?

Do you have someone who particularly inspires you?? I would love to hear about what get your juices flowing in the comments below.

Remember, my goal moving forward is to take Granny Chic to the next level.

Granny Chic meets Indie Punk Rock!!

I think that it is a marriage made in heaven and a joining that has been waiting to happen. I see vintage frocks with huge cotton pockets, fringed with rick rack and lace, topped with vintage denim vests that are adorned with feminist enamel pins and punk rock embroidered patches, bright coloured leggings and lace-up boots!

What a dream!

Tell me what you think??


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