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modern girl blitz

Meet Midge from Modern Girl Blitz shop and blog!

Midge works out of her home studio is Hoboken, New Jersey, where she creates funky feminist art ranging from apparel and tote bags to jewelry and buttons.

She started her nifty career in art and crafting as a Graphic Design major in art school, where she did her thesis on Riot Grrrl Zines. Her project gained so much popularity that she decided to open her Etsy store way back in 2008, making her an early Etsy adopter.

“Making feminist based art was something that came so easily to me, because I had so much to say and to put into my own visual language” says Midge of her art.

Initially, her shop was home only to her zines, but it quickly grew to include wearable art for “badass babes” like herself.

modern girl blitzThese days, Modern Girl Blitz is bursting with quirky designs and bright colours, highlighting all of Midge’s favourite things, from coffee and cats to witchy magic and positivity.

“Owning a handmade piece by yours truly is sure to make you stand out”

Prices for Midges jewelry and wearables range from $25 – $55 for t-shirts and sweatshirts and $2 – $4 for button packages.

Can’t make up your mind?? Why don’t you take a chance on one of the Modern Girl Blitz ‘Mystery Bags’, ranging in price from $20 – $50!!! You can’t go wrong!



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