Book Review:: A Little Book of Craftivism

a little book of craftivism

As promised, this evening I am reviewing a fabulous book on ‘Craftivism’, written by Craftivist Collective, Sarah Corbett. The book is called ‘A Little Book of Craftivism‘ and it very literally is a little book, measuring only 6.1″ tall.

When I first unpacked it from the mail, I wasn’t too sure what to expect, but was definitely pleasantly surprised, as this mini-tomb offers a brilliant glimpse into the world of Craftivism, even giving you the tools and a variety of different ideas to get started on your own.

There is a simple cross stitching tutorial, so that you may stitch your Craftivist message onto recycled fabric swatches or whatever else you can find.

The author sits down with a very inspiring pop up Craftivist, who has set herself in a beautiful public park setting, making herself available to answer bystanders questions.

There are even a list of inspiring quotes that the author has included to get your mental juices flowing!

So whether you are looking to start a Craftivist group of your very own with 5 or 6 of your pals or if you are just interested in changing the world solo, this little book is a must read!

Highly recommended!!


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