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Dandelion Sun Tea

I was so happy to be able to feature Dandelion Sun Tea this week on the blog.

Rashma Manjra, the proprietor of Dandelion Sun Tea, is a fellow Rise Asset Development alum and was the Youth Garfinkle Award winner last year. 

I first spoke of Rise Asset Development in this recent post about my Rise mentor, Jo Caragh.

I was able to connect with Rashma for the purposes of this post and chat about her business.

She started her business approximately 3 years ago after hosting a series of small tea parties for friends and family. She was motivated by all of the positive feedback that she was receiving for her blends and finally decided that she should start selling her creations.

Her passion for teas grew from her love of plants and her desire to holistically help people. She herself was often sick prior to familiarizing herself holistic teas, which was the inspiration behind her first commercial blend, Original Goodness: Immunity Booster.

Her biggest milestone thus far in her business has been the ability to dream about an idea and then make it into a reality. She has taken business courses to better understand financial planning, website creation, and even the process of speaking to cafes and other marketplaces about her product.

It is Rashma’s future goal to return to school and gain her Masters degree in Social Work so that one day she could open a Dandelion Sun Wellness Centre.

What sets Rashma’s product apart from her competition would be her care and attention paid to the quality of her herbs and tea. There are no processed natural flavours or sugars added to her blends. She prides herself on creating all extractions that go into her teas.

Every blend that she makes not only tastes good, but feels good too!

It’s the ultimate experience!

I wish Rashma the best of luck as she continues to grow her business and expand on her product line. If you get the opportunity, please follow the links in this post and check out some of her unique blends for yourself!


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