Blogger Profile:: Studio DIY

blogger profile:: studioDIY

Studio DIY is brought to you by the talented husband and wife duo of Kelly (founder + editor) and Jeff (photographer) Mindell. The rich and colourful blog has you covered if you are seeking to celebrate the DIY way and put that personal touch on your everyday life.

Kelly and Jeff live in Los Angeles and have been working on the blog for the past 5 years. Kelly is a lifelong DIY-er and an entrepreneur since the age of fifteen.

As Kelly puts it, “I think confetti throwing should be a daily occurrence” and she shares that mantra on her blog, through her impressive catalogue of projects.

If you are looking for a specific project, you can navigate over to her project page and then specify your criteria, from project type, holiday, or party type. There are hundreds of projects to choose from, from costumes to recipes, printables to style tips. The catalogue is full of colour and sparkle and seemingly never ending.

The blog also hosts a small shop (you must have your ad blocker off to view) with items like t-shirts, shoes, duvet covers, jewelry, and more.

On their event page, you can view sold out listings for Sudio DIY’s coveted ‘Can’t Crop This‘ class, where you can learn to “Build, Brand + Elevate Your Instagram Feed”. Classes are hosted at the Studio DIY Headquarters, so if you are in the Los Angeles area, I’m sure it’s worth the $125 to take the class.

Their 244K followers on Instagram tells me that they know what they are talking about!

Also on their event page is the brilliant Taco Pinata building workshop!! How I wish I lived near L.A. for this one! And it’s only $75!! Also much in demand and completely sold out.

Another little side note on Studio DIY and their Instagramming prowess is their regular ‘Wall Crawl‘ series over on the blog. You can browse some of the brightest and most fetching walls in the country that would serve as great backdrops for your Instagram pictures. The latest post is a feature on Chicago, if there are any Chicago-ans reading this post who may be interested in checking it out.

Check out Studio DIY and make your next party an absolute smash! Or maybe even if you just want to add a little confetti to your life. This blog is bursting at the seams with colour and sparkle and who doesn’t want a little more of that in their everyday?


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