I think that it is pretty fair to say that we would all like to be successful in our lives, right??

But what does success mean to you?

What does it look like?

I am here to tell you that what success means to you, may mean something totally different to the next guy or gal in the room.

So, what really is success?

And how do we know once we’ve achieved it?

Since success means something completely different to each and every single one of us, I believe that it is extremely important that you take steps to define what success means to you, specifically, prior to beginning any new venture. If you don’t define it and map it out, how will you know if you have ever achieved it?

I would suggest taking a moment to envision your path to greatness. What are the steps along the way that you would consider to be milestones?

Take out a pen and paper right now and make a physical list of these milestones so you can pat yourself on the back and maybe even pour yourself a glass of wine every time that you reach each new goal.

Some of these list items may be financial? Maybe you there is a specific person in your niche that you are eager to work with? Perhaps you want to move out of the corner of your bedroom and into real life office space?

Whatever they might be, list your goals, and celebrate them as you gradually accomplish each one.

Listing goals in this way can also help you stay on track. If you find that you are not achieving the successes that you have set out for yourself, maybe it is time to change your plan?

If your list isn’t visual enough for you, why not try to create a vision board for yourself. You can use found photos or magazine clippings or maybe even something less tangible like a mood board on Pinterest. There are many options, but make sure that you do it, because it is oh so important as you move forward.

Otherwise, you may find yourself adrift in your business, unaware of just how far you’ve come, and unsure of exactly where you are going.

What does success mean to you? How will you know when you’ve achieved it?


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