Have you treated yourself lately??


I was doing some online window shopping today. I would have loved to have made some purchases, but I’m STILL all tapped out after buying gifts for all of my friends and family members over Christmas. I won’t be able to really be able to think of myself for another month or so, and then, as always, there will very likely be something else that comes along and taps me out again.

I am not the richest gal in the world and maybe that is part of the reason why I so seldom have spare cash to spend on myself, but I don’t think that is the only reason why I never seem to get to treat myself. I think that a big part of it is that I very rarely put myself first or make my needs a priority over others.

I spent hundreds of dollars over Christmas, nearly putting myself into debt to assure that everyone knew how much I loved them in some material way.

Sure, I got gifts in return and everyone was appreciated all around, but after the holidays, when it is just me, my man friend, and the cats and dogs again, why do I never seem to be able to provide myself with the things I really need.

Why can’t I ever seem to be able to find the money to invest in me!!

When I was quite young, my family and I led a comfortable life, with my Dad working in the film industry. As my Mother continued to have more children, my Dad decided to change jobs so that he wouldn’t be away from home so frequently, which was a decision he would later regret, as it quickly led to the financial ruin of our family.

Since then, I have hoarded thrifted items, like books and clothes, but still, I can never seem to let go of a couple of bucks, (or even a couple hundred bucks) on clothes or get-aways, or night’s out. or the like.

I have never felt like I was worthy enough of anything new or overly expensive. Rather, I felt that those things were a waste of money that only the rich could afford to treat themselves with. Why is that?

Especially when so often I actually have the cash.. I just can’t part with the money!

In examining myself, my tendencies to cheap out on myself, and my seeming inability to part with money, I can to realize that perhaps it isn’t just a “me” thing, but rather a sort of a “women thing” as a whole.

There are always the needs of your significant other, your kids, your friends, your family.. were is there room for you!?

I have been thinking about this a lot, obviously, and I have decided to amend my New Year’s resolutions. I have decided that rather than focusing all of my buying power on all of the people around me, I am going to chip in some dough for me every once in a while.

And this new revelation doesn’t just go as far as monetary spending, but time spent as well. I am not at all implying that you should stop doing all favours for your loved ones, but I am saying that you aren’t returning the favour to yourself by spending a couple of extra hours in front of the TV.

That simply isn’t enough!

You must take some time for yourself to decompress. Read a book. Go for a leisurely walk by yourself or with your hubby. Take a nice long soak with lavender scents and suds. Cook a good meal for one.. enjoy it with your feet up!

If you need new clothes, as I do presently (and badly), please, go out and spend some real money on yourself and buy some brand new pieces from that cute little boutique that tugs on your heart strings every time you walk by. I am giving you permission!

If you spend time and money on yourself, that doesn’t mean that other people will be going without, and besides, don’t your loved ones want to see you happy and getting the things that you deserve as well?

Long story short, I am working myself into my budget moving forward in 2016. I am going to buy myself the clothes that I so desperately need. I am going to leave the house and treat myself to dinner once in a while. I am going to spend extra time in the tub and less time in front of the tube.

How do you treat yourself? How do you not treat yourself? How could you do better?


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